About Me

Hi, I'm Louise, a twenty-eight-year-old cola connoisseur living in Yorkshire with my husband, my two cats Arthur and Jiji and two rabbits.

knitter | cat-enthusiast | gardener | ME-sufferer | sporadic tweeter | unicorn wannabe | inappropriate laugher | snazzy cardigan-wearer |manic reader | record collector | robot-dancer | midnight Bollywood-watcher | feminist | animal scientist |

I blog lifestyle topics over at nekomentsu: nekomentsu.blogspot.co.uk

I've been involved in fibre arts for around ten years now and have been experimenting with dyeing for quite a long time. At the moment I dye in my kitchen, in the heart of Yorkshire and pray for sunny days to dry my goods! I like to use a number of fantasy and geeky inspirations for unique colourways, which can include Robot Unicorn Attack 2, Studio Ghibli, Final Fantasy and 1980s toys.


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